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With extensive experience in the construction industry, we can help you if you are one of the following:


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What we do

Keep it simple - we help you become the go to construction business for what you do.

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Website Design

Gain instant trust with a professional high performance website back with the latest technology.

Brand Identity

If you're a professional you need to look professional, we'll create the right image for your company.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is about targeting high paying customers for your business. We target only the customers you want.

How we work

The is changing fast and only those that adapt to global digitalisation will survive.
Our M4C Business Tool Box process is exactly what you need to not just keep you in business, but to also thrive

M4C Business Tool Box

We'll partner with you to develop your online presence that will drive your business forward, leading to a healthier bottom line. We do the heavy lifting this side, freeing up your mind to focus on doing what you're best at.

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3 Create a compelling online presence, powered by the latest communications and digital marketing technology.

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What they say

Marketing 4 Construction played an integral part in helping The Independent Buying Consortium go from a start up to an £85M business in just 5 years. No matter what we required, Peter delivered time and time again, even implementing his own ideas along the way. John Brett - Former Sales Director of IBC

Here are some of the brands we work with

Crown Paints
Leica Geosystems
Knauf Insulation
Ox Tools
Our extensive construction industry marketing experience means you can trust us to deliver for your business. We have good connections in the industry meaning you have greater opportunities for growth with us.Peter Coleman | Founder of Marketing 4 Construction

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Whilst it’s now known fact it’s vital to have a digital platform to promote your #construction brand, print still plays a huge role in customer engagement and credibility - if you have well designed printed company magazines and brochures to build relationships with your customers you will find it far easier to win the business. -
The confidence you’ll have handing over a powerful branded document will greatly increase your chances of establishing that all important first impression 👍🏻🚧

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Not the first time our #design has been in press - early 2019 IBC launched their brand new Members Portal that I designed and built, allowing their members access to exclusive pricing deals from blue chip construction suppliers whilst also being able to check their rebates.
I cover all aspects of design and marketing for construction brands from trades to buying groups.

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When choosing your design team to promote your #construction brand it’s vital that you choose someone who understands the market you’re in and is trusted by the biggest names in the industry - here is some my design produced for @scruffsworkwear a few years back.
This particular piece was for an email marketing campaign!
#construction #marketing #design #plumber #electrician #roofer #builder

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50% OFF BANK HOLIDAY SALE! Visit our website to find out more! Link in bio 💻 🚧👍🏻
#construction #marketing #webdesign #builder #plumber #roofer #brickie @onthetoolstv

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What Our Client’s Say “Marketing 4 Construction played an integral part in helping The Independent Buying Consortium go from a start up to an £85M business in just 5 years. No matter what we required, M4C delivered time and time again, even implementing their own ideas along the way.” John Brett - Former Sales Director of IBC ...

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Branding is about creating a meaningful experience at every touch point, it’s not just a pretty picture it’s a reputation, an experience.

That’s why we always start by understanding the DNA of a company, from there we can develop a strategy to take your brand to the the next level!

Creating full visual identities we undertake every aspect of the branding process.
We work alongside our clients through every step of the journey helping launch both internally as well as externally.

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Imagine during your lunch break you get an email from a customer who is local to your area looking to spend £50,000+ on an extension or a contractor is looking to fill a lucrative contract! They’ve emailed you because they found you on a local Google search and your website impressed them in less than 5 seconds.

I offer a range of website packages to suit your budget that focus on the nitty-gritty of winning you more business – Don’t miss out on those searches!

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Your website is the window to your company. It’s your platform to show existing and potential clients what you do and how well you do it.

As the world becomes more digitally-focused than ever, it is essential to keep up with the latest technologies to ensure that when someone needs a service, they can find and believe in you.

A website is your partner in a global network and your story needs to be told in a different way.
It gives you one shot at making an impression.
If people find it difficult to read or spend ages waiting for information to download, they’ll close their browser and you’ll probably never hear from them again.

We plan, design and build websites that collect customers rather than losing them. Created with Search Engine Optimisation [SEO] in mind to help drive traffic, our sites retain interest using eye-catching copy and design that is easy to read and navigate.

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About M4C By Founder: Peter J. Coleman “Marketing 4 Construction is a multichannel marketing design platform I set up of specifically to focus on the construction sector.
My skill set alongside my experience in the construction means I can deliver everything digital for you in house, saving you both time and cost on outsourcing to larger agencies.”

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Your brand extends far beyond a fancy name and a well designed logo and when it’s done correctly, it’s present in everything your company does.

So often we see dull, soulless looking offices that don’t even come close to representing the amazing people that work inside them.

Whether it’s your office space or vehicle fleet, branded environments are an amazing tool to engage employers and entice clients as it helps to develop trust in your brand by communicating both confidence and consistency.

We make sure your office or vehicle fleet is shouting loud just as much as you are. We consider brand storytelling on a multi-sensory level, designing branded environments in order create an immersive and engaging experience of your vision that will engage with staff and clients alike.

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There’s nothing quite like beautiful print on amazing stock, that great experience of texture and smell.

Print still offers a really creative way for customers to interact with your brand.
Whether it’s stationery or a brochure, we manage the whole process from choosing the perfect paper stocks, print finishes and inks to managing the artwork, print and final delivery.

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We know from experience that most of you in the construction industry still like to do business the traditional way.

But we can’t deny that those who continue to thrive are the ones that also take advantage of today’s digital tools.

Over the years, we have fine tuned a design process in the construction industry that merges the traditional with the new. We call this the M4C Business Tool Box.
Sitting alongside traditional methods of print and signage, we use this to establish exactly where you are right now before making any recommendations.

Once we’ve taken a closer look, we can work together to develop your own platform that will drive both your online and offline business forward, leading to a healthier bottom line.

Whether you are a main contractor looking to demonstrate your professionalism and expertise to win a contract, or a sub contractor pitching for business in a crowded market, we can deliver measurable and trackable results.

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New #website design under #construction - because we connected with a large number of construction brands we get asked to support their endeavours on all things #branding and #design.

Can’t too much at the moment but this new company will become one of the UK’s leaders in the construction market!

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One of the websites we designed this year ...

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Great meeting with the Allneeds #Construction Group this week ...

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Sending out those Design and branding proposals - helping establish my clients brand and position them correctly to win more business - they are experts so the message isn’t price driven but focuses on their expertise ...

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3 months social Media marketing and we’ve expanded @envirograf_uk brand engagement to insane new levels by 65,900% - that was was in just 5 weeks! Big followers, great brand awareness and more business 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 ...

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