Solar Marketing Ideas

Are you looking to kick your solar digital marketing efforts into overdrive to get the level of leads and sales you need?

Let’s have a quick look at generating leads that convert into paying solar energy customers.

9 Solar Marketing Ideas to Generate Sales

1. Customer Reviews and Referrals

80% of sales is driven by social proof. We all look to see who else has bought or who is buying before we pull the trigger and commit. That’s our nature. We want to make sure we’re investing in a brand who are trusted and reliable.

Absolutely get your business listed on Google and obtain a review for every single job possible. Even if that means contacting some of your previous solar customers who you did a great job for.

*Marketing Tip* Sign up for an Elfsight account and place a Google Review Widget on your home page.  This widget not only shows your reviews, it also has a simple button your customers can click on to review making it nice and easy for them, thus increasing the likelyhood they will kindly oblige.  Click here to find out more >>

2. Offer Finance Options

Offering payment plans for your potential customers will increase the likelyhood of them contacting you. Show don’t tell. You want to let them know you’ll explain more about those options once they get in touch. This is all part of their buying process. Maybe hint at the value, 0% finance options available etc.

3. Solar Panel Market Research

It’s no good pushing content out there without first identifying where your customers are located. Do some research to find out the affulent areas who can afford your services. What are their plans? How do they view future energy useage?

Renewable energy is being pushed everywhere now so awareness is increasing everyday. Consider this:

  • Affluent areas where home owners demand quality and won’t worry about cost.
  • New home builds – always a good one. Search for development in your area and find out who is pulling the strings, scrape their email address and send them a personalised email with a show stopping offer and proposal.
  • What about the older builds with retired wealthy folk, looking to invest in solar for the future generation of their familes.


*Marketing Tip* As part of your marketing plan for your solar company, target an affluent area with professionally designed leaflets. Then time it so that you run a radius Facebook Ad targeting that area a few days after the leaflet drop. This will cement you in their minds and build trust and authority.

4. Share your Passion for Solar Energy

Know your stuff and share your knowledge. If you’re passionate about solar and your team share that same enthusiasm, that will shine through.

This is actually called branding. Branding determines the perception your clients will hold. Create a seamless and hassle free process for your clients and they’ll sing about you long after the cows are a kip.

5. Get your Website in Order

Your website is usually the first port of call. Customers will check and if they like what they see, you’ll get leads. Make your wesite is professionally designed, has current information of value, a consistent look and feel with easy ways to get in contact.

Live chat plugins work great, as do links to your social media platforms. Customers want to vet your business and will come on guarded. The role of your website is to remove as much friction in the least amount of time to get them to pay attention and remember you, eventually getting in contact.

Remember, not all conversion windows are the same. Some will get in contact right away, others need a nudge, that’s where re-targeting visitors with follow up messages can work wonders.

Solar Marketing Ideas 02
Solar Marketing Ideas

6. Ad's equal more reach

Google Ads and Facebook Ads offer a fastrack way to target the right people for your solar business. I always advise clients to invest in advertising when launching a new website. Remember, a new website, no matter how well designed won’t do anything unless you’re getting traffic.

It also does take a while for SEO to kick in, sometimes months at a time. Ads help you build brand awareness, track data and get more savvy when it comes to ad spend. The target here is getting know how much you need to spend to aquire a customer.

7. Get listed with a Quoting Website

Websites like Solar Guide offer you the chance to get listed as a local provider for your postcode.  It’s free to sign up with no subscription fees and you only pay for leads as they come in.

This also helps boost your online backlink strategy and trust with Google, increasing your page rank overtime, slowly lifting your website further up the search results. (SERPS = Search Engine Page Results).

8. Email Marketing

If you’ve signed up for my free construction marketing guide (you can do that down below) you’ll notice I send you follow up emails. It’s so worth doing this for your own business.

However, these email sequences have a certain pattern and structure to them that if you nail, will help you build even more trust and authority with potential customers.

You can track open rates, engagement etc and send them further emails depending on what actions they take. What about a video sequence?

There’s so much you can do and it frees up your sales team, giving them time to focus on other areas of sales.

I use Convertkit for my emails, highly recommended although there are plenty of others out there.

9. Stay Social

At the time of writing this, short form video is smashing it. Why? Because TikTok (not just dancing buffoons!) Instagram Reels, Facebook Stories and YouTube Shorts are all trying to draw the crowds so they are offering fantastic organic reach for brands just like yours.

And with your message being around renewable energy, what are you waiting for!

A good hook, an entertaining 30 second sequence is all it takes to build brand awareness. Just be consistent and you’ll grow!

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