Punchy branded vehicle livery design will most certainly work for your business as a solid first impression that is memorable. Generally speaking, a good customer journey is when your potential client is led through a series of what we call your ‘brand touch points’

Let’s say for example you decide to develop your brand image across your vehicle fleet. ¬†Three core elements of design have to be established that raise questions in the minds of your audience and then answer them in a clear and bold manner.

  1. Wow what’s that!?A striking visual design with a¬†powerful message
  2. Where do I find out more?Several contact details placed on the design
  3. What do I do now? – Either call us, email us or visit our website

If you have those core elements built into the design and your image is tight, you’re vehicle fleet will work wonders for you on the road as a sales tool.


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